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Training for fat loss and general health is a combined effort of effective and efficient cardiovascular training and resistance training.  There is scientific data supporting the effectiveness of short high intensity cardio training for greater fat burning effect versus longer and lower intensity training, and so HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) should feature in any good fat loss program.   Resistance training is also a major focus in training for fat loss.  By lifting weights we are encouraging growth and development of lean muscle tissue.  Aside from improving strength and joint stability and helping to develop more muscle tone, increasing the body’s lean muscle mass helps increase the body’s metabolism and its ability to burn calories and shift bodyfat.   Coincide this with a structured nutrition plan to help fuel the body, maintain the lean muscle mass that you’re building, and help shred excess bodyfat.

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Training for fat loss and general health

“I have been training with Kabel for almost 5 years I like the variety of exercises, her imagination, her in-depth knowledge and her emphasis on technique”

Olivier Renard


“It used to be mundane going to the gym training for hours and not getting the results I wanted. Kabel has changed this and I get much better results in less time.”

Sanjiv Sharma

Weightlifting/resistance training works along a spectrum and so the volume and the intensity of training differs depending on your training goals;  Endurance (sustained work and building tolerance to lactic acid), Hypertrophy (build muscle mass and size), Functional Hypertrophy (building muscle size and strength), Relative Strength (building neuromuscular strength).  

Training for strength, muscle building and tone